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Sunset at Elephant Rock

The view from our climb up Elephant Rock

Having spent a few days mastering the beginner waves at Baby Point, we decided it was time to take on the surf at Elephant Rock, a reclusive beach break three kilometres south of Arugam Bay. Reaching the beach itself was a mini challenge as you have to skirt around the steep ‘Elephant’ Rock - made even more difficult when carrying a large beginner’s surfboard!

It was well worth the effort though as we shared this beautiful spot with only a handful of other surfers, and supposedly some large crocodiles nearby.

After an afternoon on the beach we climbed the rock in time for the much talked about Elephant Rock sunset. It was a bit of a scramble up but, despite the clouds, the view at the top was spectacular and lived up to expectation.

The surfboard ferry waits to collect visitors post sunset

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