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Historical Galle Fort

After our ten days in Hingurukaduwa we were both looking forward to some time to ourselves and so we headed for the south coast towards the famous beaches around Galle for a mini-holiday within our holiday!

We stayed within walking distance of Unawatuna beach and a short Tuk-Tuk ride away from the historic town of Galle. On our first day we visited Galle Fort, the best remaining example of Sri Lankan colonialism.

We were dropped off in the New Town outside Galle Cricket Stadium, and true to the amazing Sri Lankan hospitality they slid open the big black gates when they saw James peering through, allowing us to roam freely inside!

Galle Cricket Stadium with Galle Fort in the background

We moved on towards Galle Fort, passing the daily fish market. The array of fish on display, with the men’s colourful boats made for some great photos opportunities.

Galle Old Town, within the walls of the fort, was beautiful, presenting a real mix of Sri Lankan and colonial European influences. The shops were all amazing - very Westernised, but set in old colonial buildings with red and green Tuk-Tuks beeping their horns outside. If we were on a different budget Sarah could have spent a small fortune there.

Galle Fort Clock Tower

One of the many tourists visiting the fort

Galle Fort Lighthouse

Having only planned to visit for the morning, we ended up staying all day, and returned the following evening for a very delicious dinner.

The rest of the time we spent wandering around Galle New Town and relaxing on Unawatuna beach, making the most of our holiday within the holiday.

A Buddha statue in Galle New Town

A Woman buys dried fish in Galle New Town

The fruit and veg market in Galle New Town

The avocados were SO tasty!

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