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Beers in Arugam Bay

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

After a very hairy bus journey we arrived in Arugam Bay, a beach town on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The stretch of white sandy beach is home to travelling surf bums, yogis, Lion Beer and Crazy Coconuts (a local cocktail made from Arrack, pineapple and coconut milk). Just set back from the beach is the main road which is lined with bars, restaurants, surf rental shops and souvenir filled windows.

Pip, Anna and I excitedly arrived to Arugam Bay on a Saturday night ready to sample the local cocktails. We made our way through a couple of happy hours, and then ended up watching the Champions League final…an oh so cultural welcome to the beautiful beach town!! And so was the birth of an ABBNO! (Arugam Bay Big Night Out)

Surprisingly hangover-less, we had a very enjoyable beach day before heading to surfers’ point to watch the sunset surf. Safe to say our pale (red) skin and un-beached hair stood out like a sore thumb amongst the effortlessly cool beach bums. The main break at the end of the beach is described as the best in the country, and it certainly seems to attract the masses. Surfers dodge and weave around each other trying to avoid any wipeouts on the reef below.

We had a very memorable second night out in Arugam which ended with Anna riding off into the sunrise on the back of a moped…with three other passengers! Don’t worry friends and family, we reunited with her two minutes later outside of our hostel!

The five days in Arugam were mainly filled with laughter, sunbathing, gawping at surf boys and girls, mango juice, rottis, sea and Arrack. We stayed in some amazing hostels and villas where the generosity matched that of our previous stays in Sri Lanka. One place that resonates with us all is Arne’s Place, which I must mention in a separate post.

The five days in Arugam were topped off with James’ arrival…As soon as he stepped one foot out of the taxi we excitedly ushered him to a candlelit rooftop where he also got is first introduction to Arrack…and an ABBNO! Three travellers then became four and our long anticipated adventure truly began.


Arrack: a distilled alcoholic drink made from the fermented sap of coconut flowers.

Rotti:a flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent made from stoneground wholemeal flour, and water that is combined into a dough.

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