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A Workaway in Goa

After an amazing month in Gokarna we both felt it was time to move on to somewhere and something different, and so off we set to North Goa for our third (and probably) final Workaway of the trip. Being such a developed well-known tourist destination, we both decided that Goa would be best experienced by doing some work and thus meeting some local Goans, as well as people from all over the world.

Our Workaway was at an eco-stay, art gallery and cafe called Saraya, and our two weeks there were brilliant. A four hour shift each day in return for a bed, free food and spending most of our free time relaxing in a really chilled environment with other volunteers and customers, was a brilliant and cost-effective way of experiencing Goa. We were instantly welcomed with open arms by owner and architect Dee, and her son Zora.

The main cafe at Saraya

The wonderful farmer's market that happens each month at Saraya

Bianca doing face paints at the market

A hangout in the volunteers area

The resourcefulness could be seen everywhere, I especially loved this tree staircase! All the amazing architecture was designed by Dee herself.

On our second evening James got roped into open mic night!

Bianca, James and Thigao...album coming soon

The work itself was either waiting in the cafe-cum-pizzeria, or working in the garden planting chilli seeds and basil plants, and we both particularly enjoyed the latter.

Snehal and his ladies in the kitchen!

Indian style greenhouse

We felt so proud watching our cherry tomatoes grow!

Zora creating a new bed in the farm

Lauren planting basil in coconut shells

We also loved the time we had off. We spent hours either relaxing and chatting in the cafe with other volunteers or customers, or exploring the nearby beaches and restaurants of North Goa.

Little Vagator Beach

Our trusty scooter that helped us explore the Goan beaches

If you're in Anjuna you must visit the weekly Wednesday market

Handmade dreamcatchers are for sale throughout the market

The spice stand, a feature of every Indian market

James and I didn't leave this band all day! Marilyn, lead guitar, is only twelve years old!

Our favourite road to Vagator Beach

Driving through fields away from tourism was such a highlight in Goa

The space that Dee and Zora have created is so inspiring, friendly and welcoming and we can't thank them enough for our time at Saraya.

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